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June, 2014 - Ventus Publishing
Denmark and London

“This is an outstanding resource that will make your volunteer experience productive and purposeful!”

“The authors provide a concise and accessible primer on the strategic management of the critical human resources that make non-profits work—volunteers.”

“In searching for volunteer training resources, very few books can capture the essence of volunteer theory and practice as effectively...”

“Managing Chaos”
Chaos can be Managed!
Book Coming - June 2016

Welcome to chaos. It is overwhelming, overextended, fast-paced, foggy, and frantic. And make no mistake—it is the new normal. Chaos has come to all sectors of the economy. We are in “the Internet of things.” The 21st century—CRM, NSA, “Wired”, Caprican, post–financial meltdown economy—post “Tulips”. It has brought the vague, the unknown, and the uncertain, and with it a risky pace as you react faster than your organization’s ability to digest. Life has gotten messy, but know it can, and needs to be managed aggressively.
“Managing Chaos”
Chaos can be Managed!

Sustain Motivation in “Chaos” in your Workplace.
“Building Community”
Regional Meeting: Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers
“Winning with any Team”
Webinar for: Boeing Corporation

Our Projects

We have experience with the large and small – resourced up or all volunteer. The emphasis is always to think, plan, and then execute. We specialize in working through the organizational, technical, and economic issues finishing with task orientated work plans. We will help you find success.

SVC shored up a large unit’s project portfolio while prioritizing such into daily-task work-efforts. Some ~18 staff had 50+ projects to complete while making sure that operations ran smoothly. We wrote brief work plans, reduced meeting time, prioritized the project portfolio, developed milestones, and made sure resources were allocated to the operations and project work efforts. Life became simpler.
Strategic Planning

SVC helped developed a strategic plan for a non-profit fundraising group in parallel with their director. We did not do the plan—we integrated into the organization and coached the director through the process of building the plan with all stakeholders so ownership, credibility, and leadership could be enhanced and maintained. We were the guides. We build capacity so teams are not left stuck between plan and work.

We completed a half day project management -strategy, -tool, and implementation seminar for a state wide non-profit higher ed association. Individuals of various ranks from public, non-profit, and for-profit colleges and universities were present. We customized the presentation for the audience at hand helping each with their organizational structures, and project portfolios.
Economic Development
SVC negotiated the acquisition of ~25 acres of BNSF land for a community to develop a local park for the public and K-12. We advised the client through a state supported Phase 1 and Phase 2 brownfield environmental review; we lent support for financial and banking issues; and we followed through with strategic planning and visioning. We integrated into the community while working with two all volunteer community groups.

Our Services

We specialize in serving under-resourced communities and non-profits. However, we also have considerable experience with the highly resourced and large organization (for-profit or non-profit) that needs to prioritize the whole, or within, the bigger picture. We build capacity and help you help yourselves.
Projects Management
We organize and prioritize project portfolios, and develop work plans with clients.
Socioeconomic Development
We care about economics, yes—but people first. We can make everyone better off.
Brownfields Development
We can show you how to take “Brown” to “Green.”
Technical Review
We can serve as your technical liaison, projects big and small.
Engineering and Economics
We mix infrastructure with dollars to everyone’s benefit.
Seminars and Education
Customized Education for your executives, managers, staff and volunteers.

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